Aim: This study aims to compare efficacy and safety between mesotherapy (intralesional injection) and 5% topical minoxidil solution in male androgenic alopecia (AGA) by dermoscopic evaluation

Aim: This study aims to compare efficacy and safety between mesotherapy (intralesional injection) and 5% topical minoxidil solution in male androgenic alopecia (AGA) by dermoscopic evaluation. of locks shaft diameter between pre- and post-treatment in mesotherapy group compared to minoxidil group. The rest of parameters failed to show any significant difference within the group in mesotherapy and minoxidil. Conclusion: In our study, we observed a significant increase in the variation of hair shaft diameter between pre- and post-treatment in Group A compared to B. Other dermoscopic, trichoscan, and subjective measurement tool failed to show Fargesin significant difference between two groups. Our observation suggests that there is no significant improvement of mesotherapy in male AGA over minoxidil. = 25) and minoxidil Group B (= 24). We excluded males who were on any allopathic treatment for hair loss within last 6 months, having other scalp dermatoses, prior major illness or hospitalization, thyroid disease, systemic illness, anemia, taking psychiatric medications, and those refusing for consent for enrolling into the study and long follow-up. Detailed clinical record was prepared on a predesigned pro forma, and all the patients were subjected to detailed history. Nature of the disease, various treatment options, and prognosis of each treatment modality were explained to the patient before enrolling them. Routine investigations such as complete blood count, renal and liver function test, random blood sugar, viral markers such as HIV, hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C, and thyroid function test were carried out before commencing the treatment to rule out infection, thyroid disorder, anemia, and systemic illness. Therapy group Mesotherapy Patients were enrolled for mesotherapy group after performing intradermal allergy testing with mesosolution. After applying topical anesthesia, intradermal injections of mesosolution were given combined with microneedling. Any adverse events were noted during the procedure, and if no complications appeared, patient was allowed to go home. Mesohair solution contained 56 ingredients including 24 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 4 coenzymes, 4 nucleic acids, 5 minerals, and 2 reducing agents. The active ingredient was decapeptide 4, acetyl decapeptide, and copper tripeptide [Figure 1]. Open in a separate window Figure 1 Derma roller Fargesin and mesosolution Rabbit Polyclonal to Smad1 (phospho-Ser465) Follow-up This procedure was repeated weekly for 1 month followed by fortnightly for 2nd month and then every monthly for 2 months. Hence, in total, eight sessions were carried out. Postoperative advice Patients were advised not to wash, comb, or itch their scalp for 3 days after the procedure. They were asked to restrain from heavy exercise, apply oil or dye, and going out bareheaded in pollution for 3 days. Minoxidil Patient Fargesin under minoxidil Group B was prescribed application of 2C3 ml of 5% minoxidil solution twice daily on the bald areas of scalp. They were explained the side effects such as initial hair Fargesin loss for 1C2 months, headache, redness, and irritation. They were also reassured about the lag period of about 2C3 months for the improvement. Evaluation method All Fargesin the enrolled males were evaluated before starting therapy and then monthly till 4 months. Gross photographs were taken under adequate illumination, identical settings, lighting, and position. Measuring tape was used to determine three fixed point on the scalp for future dermoscopic evaluation. Landmarks for each frontal region were the intersecting point between lines passing through ipsilateral tragus and lateral point of eyebrows and the intersection of two imaginary line crossing both the ears and glabella for vertex region. A Heine Delta 20 Plus videodermoscope (Germany) with polarized light that is attached with digital camera.

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