Background Although the quality of life (QoL) experienced by patients with

Background Although the quality of life (QoL) experienced by patients with schizophrenia has been recognized, few studies have assessed the relationship between the caregivers QoL and patients QoL. SNX-5422 QoL should be a multidisciplinary, comprehensive effort [68C70]. This study experienced some limitations that should be regarded as. First, the sample is not representative of the entire Latin American human population of caregivers and individuals with schizophrenia. Larger studies with more varied groups of individuals and caregivers are needed to confirm our findings. Second, our study used only one type of QoL instrument for each participant. It would be interesting to determine whether our findings would be replicated with QoL tools that utilize additional conceptual models and dimensional constructs. Third, this study only offered information about the main medical characteristics of our sample, and did not report further details concerning clinical stability and prescribed medication, for example. Fourth, the data are cross-sectional and even though we use SEM, we are unable to make causal statements. Fifth, it was not statistically possible to test simultaneously in our SEM model the living of the indirect effect of caregivers QoL on individuals QoL and the living of a bilateral association between caregiversQoL and severity of symptoms. We therefore tested another model having a bidirectional association between caregivers QoL and severity of symptoms (but without screening the indirect effect of caregivers QoL on individuals QoL). This model confirmed that a bidirectional association is definitely probable (path coefficient?=??0.4, p?Furin analysis of data: AC-U, LB, MA, AU and XZ. Interpretation of data: AC-U, LB, MA, AU and XZ. Drafting and writing the SNX-5422 manuscript: AC-U, LB and DRW. All authors read and authorized the final manuscript. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Consent for publication We acquired consent to publish from your participant. Ethics authorization and consent to participate The study was authorized by the Ethics Committee of the University or college of Tarapac and the National Health Services of Chile. Before the start of the survey, educated consent was requested and received from your relative and the patient. Publishers Notice Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional statements in published maps and institutional affiliations. Abbreviations AUAutonomyCFIComparative Match IndexMBMaterial BurdenPANSSPositive and Bad Syndrome level for SchizophreniaPhWPhysical well-beingPsBDLPsychological Burden and Daily LifePsPhWPsychological and Physical Well-beingPsWPsychological well-beingQoLQuality of lifeREResilienceRFaFamily relationshipsRfaRelationships with FamilyRfrRelationships with FriendsRFrRelationships.

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